October 23, 2005

  • Monday, 24 October 2005

    10.34 a.m. N.Z. time



    I can’t call myself a Christian


    To me, the word Christian means “Someone who is Christ-like.” It would mean someone who thinks like Jesus thinks, and talks like Jesus talks, someone who responds to people and situations, just as Jesus would respond, and I must confess, I’m not there yet.


    It would be like me calling myself “Humble,” “Yes, I’m a humble; I go to the First Church of Humility.” “We’re so proud of our humility, we gave our whole movement that name.”  “Come and join us, we will show you how you can be a Humble too.”  Even if someone were actually to receive a “Humility Award,” they couldn’t display it, because the moment they did, they wouldn’t be humble any more. Others could call that person humble, but if they were truly humble, they would never call themselves that, for if they did, they would no longer be.


    So, I can call myself a disciple of Christ, a follower of Jesus, because that’s what I am. But can I call myself a Christian….? No, I think not. I would be, however, totally honored if someone else were to catch a slight glimpse of Jesus in me, enough so they might call me by His name. “Oh look, that guy must be a Christian.” Wow, what a privilege to be perceived by others as a person worthy to be called by that name.