Month: December 2006


    Tuesday, December 05, 2006




    I just received an email from a lady, thought it might be interesting for some of you to read.


    It seems too many Christians are looking for Christ’s return as an easy out as far as the worlds problems go, particularly environmental problems i.e. global warming.  As a self described “old hippie”, hopefully you’re not one of them.


    Hi Lisa,


    Well, I don’t know about Christ’s soon physical returning.  People have been thinking He’s going to be coming back any minute for the last two thousand years.  For me, and Mari, He’s already come back!  He lives within us and we live in Him as best we can.  The ancient scriptures say, “we live, breathe, move, and have our being in Him.”  Our constant goal is to stay focused on this present moment, and to pour one hundred percent of our energy and attention into the demands and requirements of each moment we experience, like answering this email right now.  Taking no thought of yesterday or projecting nothing into the mysteries that await us tomorrow.  This present moment is all we have.  If we can’t find our salvation NOW, the second coming isn’t going to do much for us.


    Although I am a surrendered disciple of Christ, I can’t call myself a Christian.  To me, that would be like calling myself a “humble”.  Like saying, “Oh yes, I belong to the church of humility.  We’re all humbles over there.”  I would be honored if someone saw enough of Christ in my life to call me by His name, a Christ-ian.  So many acts of hypocrisy and greed and depraved murder have been perpetrated in the name of Jesus, it’s very difficult these days for anyone to see Him as He actually IS.  A forgiver of all mankind, every one, every single soul in the world has been forgiven, the problem is, so few know it.  And guilt and greed seem to be the killers of mankind and all life on our planet.


    Wow, I didn’t know I was going to get on a roll, but the question you asked got me going.