December 12, 2008

  • My Son’s Christmas Poem for those who have an ear to hear.

    The Identity of Love:
    Poem By: Brennon McGuire © 2008-Christmas Poem

    Love has had its way
    Ways with how broken sounds
    How pain can sing
    Loves truest song

    -Love knows not
    So, Love, knows all
    As all come to not
    Yet Love makes time for times scale

    -Love knows dirt, feces, AIDS, and, Death
    Love pushes all sentient to the brink of insanity
    Love allows for the war of freedom
    Love is no kind friend my friend, rather Love is an enemy

    -Like the bitter taste of a broad spectrum anti-biotic
    For, look! Babies are born only to blow candles out
    Until, candles, take all of its breath, blown, until there is no more life to blow out
    Love has always said though, to mourn at ones birth, to rejoice at ones death
    Love knows not wakeful friends
    For they, as we, the semi-conscious, can’t form even one cohesive sentence
    For they, as we, are distracted with dreams, visions, Hollywood’s non-linear vintage
    We are like old paintings, fitting awkwardly, as Love gazes onward

    Love is not on our page
    We are in Loves memory
    As Love is known to re-write
    Love has also been known to tear, rip, erase, even burn, when at ends with non

    -Perhaps this is why Love likes to listen to a baby’s breath
    To remember the time when Love was all there was
    Perhaps to know the weakness of bitterness
    For Love is a vice unto itself, no pomp, no pretense, no make-up, no, no’s All is yes
    -So, watch, as, Love fly’s to the storms, off Africa’s coast
    Where flies breed in open sores
    Where fashion is the smell of death
    Where the look of stick figures are without powder compacts

    -This is Love
    Perhaps not, or, ever-divine
    Perhaps never a graceful being of mortal rules
    Perhaps, that is the point, where we, all-ways let free to flight, as three is our Love

    -One man, like one bird
    One woman, like one nest
    And, finally, the third, One death, One Love, and…
    One friend, found of two, a tree, named three loving the sum of two.