April 17, 2006

  • Easter Sunday, April 16th, 2006

    9.25 p.m. Pacific time



    I just received this Easter Peace Poem from a dear friend who lives in Wisconsin.  I asked him if I could post it on my blog page for all to read and he graciously said yes.  So as you read it, what does it make you think about?



    “I submit the attached and pasted writing for your consideration. May the

    blessings of Peace be with you this Easter season.”

     Joe Hovel



    Easter Peace Poem 


    Somewhat routine-

    tanks in the desert,

    fighter jets,

    cluster bombs,

    cruise missiles.

    Painful agonizing death,

    torturous death.

    Macabre  reality-

    living human beings,

    bleeding , groaning,


    Torn from family and friends,

    collateral damage or grim witness.

    A nasty job-

    ordered to soldiers,

    but necessary ?

    Business of killing-

    part of  maintaining empire.



     population control,

     absolute power,

     corporate dominance,

     valueless life.

     The bottom side of  capitalism,

     in public display.

     Signature event:


     Peace American style.

     render to the USA

     or face the consequence.

     Business as usual,

     another day,

     another killing.


     HO-HUM !

     But alas;

     Jesus crucified;

     Jesus resurrected.

     All nations take notice-

     a greater power upon us.

     Oppressed peoples;


     a new way is  available,

     PEACE is promised.

     Only one option-

     [ to power and  authority,  mislead no more]

     Non violent resistance.

     Faith in the living GOD ,

     is  resistance.

     Jesus, revolutionary-

     exposed governmental rulers

     as bloody murderers,

     as illegitimate usurpers of Moral authority.

     Jesus  calls us;

     count the costs,

     weigh allegiances,

     recognize a Greater Power.

     PAX CHRISTI or pax americana.

     Life                 or      death.

     Choose life eternal.