October 1, 2005


    Saturday, 1 October 2005

    4.28 p.m. NZ time






    200 %   SOLUTION



    About fifteen years ago, my wife, Mari and I discovered something new about this man named Jesus Christ. It seemed to us He is a two hundred percent person.


    He’s a hundred percent man, and a hundred percent God. Not half and half, half God and half man, but a hundred/hundred, totally God and totally man, all at the same time.


    Then as we started considering what the scriptures were telling us, we discovered “The Full Gospel” to be a 200 % Gospel.


    Think about it. First we read, we “war” not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual forces of wickedness. Then it goes on to say, we are given the “peace” of god that passes all understanding. So it would seem that we are a hundred percent at war, and a hundred percent at peace all at the same time.


    Then we read, we are saved through “faith,” not as a result of works that no one should boast.  But as a result of Abraham’s “works,” his “faith” was perfected.” So again, we have a two hundred percent reality going for us. A hundred percent faith and a hundred percent works, all at the same time. Not half this and half that, but all this and all that.


    Then we get to the big one, is it Freedom of Choice or Predestination?


    Here we go again. Paul says, “God chose” us in Him before the foundations of the world. Then Paul goes on to say, “He predestined” us to adoption as sons.  So it sounds to me like it’s already a done deal, because Paul goes on to say, we have obtained an inheritance, having been predestined according to God’s purpose. Even Jesus said, we have not chosen Him, but He has chosen us.


    Then there’s the “Flip Side.”


    We read, “if” my people who are called by my name, and we read, “choose you” this day who you will serve. Then it goes on to say, a blessing “if” you obey, or a curse “if” you disobey,”  all of these “IF” youse and, “CHOOSE” youse give me the impression that I have the “Freedom” to “choose” my destiny, “if” I want to.


    So it is a two hundred percent reality, One hundred percent “Freedom to choose” and one hundred percent “Predestined” before the world began, all at the same time.


    One hundred percent at War, One hundred percent at Peace.

    One hundred percent embattled, One hundred percent Surrendered.

    One hundred percent Aggressive, One hundred percent Passive.

    One hundred percent at Work, One hundred percent at Rest.

    One hundred percent by Law, One hundred percent by Grace.

    One hundred percent Predestined, One hundred percent Free Will.

    One hundred percent Alive, One hundred percent Dead.


    All at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    It’s kind of like an Eagle with two wings. Without both of them, it can’t fly a lick. But one wing is “War” and the other wing is “Peace,” one wing is “Predestination” and the other wing is “freedom of choice,” etc, etc, and on it goes.  Our natural thinking minds find it very difficult to accept two seemingly opposite realities at the same time. So what do we do? We keep the wing we like, and cut off the one we don’t like.


    But then the Eagle can’t fly. So it’s doomed to go around in circles, gradually descending into oblivion.


    How can we live in two opposite realities at the same time? Simple, just accept the fact that “you” can’t do it, and you will discover that the Spirit of God is already doing it through you.


    I used to think I had to die to myself, so God could live through me. But now I find, it’s only when I come in total surrender, and die to the demands of the strong man, die to his threats of punishment, die to his fantasized promises of rewards that I’m truly free. It’s only when I place all of that on the altar, and expose it to the presence of God’s love, that the “I” within me comes alive and I can experience being one with Christ, and the reality of “I am that I am.”


    Yes, I do die, but not biologically. I die to the threat of punishment that fills me with fear and guilt. I die to the promise of reward, that does nothing more than ignite my longings and inflame my jealousies and my insatiable lusts and greed.


    The strong man is dead. He has lost his power over me. Now I have a new husband. Now I am the bride of Christ. I am dead to the old law of sin and death, and now I’m married to the higher law of Love and Life.


    I find when I am totally dead to the outcome or the results of every situation; it’s then that God is free to move through me, free to respond in whatever way He might choose. I can actually sit back and enter into His rest, all the while watching Christ use my body, my back, my arms, my voice to address whatever it is that’s taking place around me. When I’m dead and surrendered to God in Christ, my body is no longer mine, it is His instrument, His temple. It’s His temple, His body, His back, His arms, His hands, His mind and His voice to think and speak whatever thoughts and words bring Him pleasure. While I, His bride, fully experience the reality that He is allowing to happen all around me. Without the least bit of fear or worry in what He is doing, having total confidence in His omnipotent ability to finish His history of man, and to bring to fulfilment His eternal plan of love.


     So there it is! How to become one being with Christ in God. It’s a two hundred percent reality. A hundred percent God and a hundred percent me, all at the same time. Think about that, itsee bitsee teeny weeny tiny little nano  speck of near nothingness, me, merging with the eternal, immeasurable, all powerful, all knowing, from ever lasting to everlasting, I am that I am, Being that breathed the Universe into existence. What can I possibly say in His presence?  How can ‘I’ tell Him what He should be doing? Even Jesus said He did nothing of His own; He spoke no words of His own. Jesus only said and did what He heard and saw His Father doing. I can only surrender myself to His wisdom and love, knowing that whatever happens to me, indeed what ever happens to this whole world, is His perfect will. It’s the good and evil program running its course, transmuting His children into the exact likeness of His Son.


    And he endures the tragic horror of it all. But that’s another journey into “Cosmic Theology 101.”


    Until our next moment,



    (Say, what do you think? What do you believe? What do you “KNOW” to be real?

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